News of the summer

new season. St.Feuillien Saison

Classic Belgian Saison with powerful aromatics and dense pleasant texture in the new beer menu. The taste is very rich, with many shades in which you can distinguish a tart bitterness and almost wine dryness. The beer is very drinkable and refreshing, despite a relatively high strength. The Belgians call it «beer with terroir», clearly indicating the cultural connection of this style with the southern region of the country Wallonia.


Guest tap

The New lambic beer card has a special seasonal tap that will rotate the varieties that are interesting to You.

We are waiting for your requests on the website and in social networks!

Triple Whammy

One of the main representatives of the triple style in the world — St. Feuillien Triple on our guest tap! It has a rich malt aroma with spicy notes of white pepper and coriander on the palate. The best option for verandas and fresh air!


Wilderen Goud

Wilderen Goud-masterfully executed tasting varieties from the young and correct wilderen brewery. Rich flavors, many shades and a great balance. Wilderen Cuvee Clarisse-dark Belgian ale with each SIP reveals new tones of taste.

In our new beer map!



The most refreshing beer in Wallonia, brewed with coriander and orange zest. It’s hard to imagine a beer that would be so refreshing and soft. Grisette Blanche-regional Belgian specialty made from organic ingredients


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