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The season of chanterelles in a Lambic!

Date: 20 Июля 2020

Summer passes quickly, and now the mushroom season has already arrived! We found the best chanterelles and invited our chefs to come up with dishes with them for The lambic summer menu. As a result, it turned out as many as 5 for every taste!
In the Chapter of starters try the potato Belgian waffles with michikami and sour cream.

For the main dishes section, we have developed three positions: eggplant confit with chanterelles in white wine and cottage cheese, fried potatoes with larvae and the most satisfying dish-ptitim with chanterelles and cream of porcini mushrooms with Parmesan!
The most unusual novelty was the dessert: cheesecake with chanterelles in caramel and buckwheat popcorn! Try it, it's really delicious!

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