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Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar exclusively in Lambic!

Date: 28 Июля 2020

Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar-a unique variety, now available in Russia exclusively in Lambic! Classic brown ale with a nutty flavor, an unusual twist on traditional brewing. The ale was developed in 1993 by Chris Stadak, a friend of Rogue Ales brewer John Mayer, specifically for the American Homebrewers Association Convention. The beer recipe includes 14 natural ingredients-water, yeast, several types of malt and hops (including those patented by the rogue brewery), as well as a natural extract of hazelnut (hazelnut). For its rich, smooth, perfectly balanced taste and nutty aroma Hazelnut brown Nectar has repeatedly received high awards at international competitions.
Taste features:
The taste of beer is perfectly balanced, smooth, sweet, with bright notes of bread and malt, hints of hazelnut.
Gastronomic combinations:
Beer goes well with beef and pork dishes. It is also beautiful in and of itself.

In Russia, Hazelnut Brown Nectar can be tried exclusively in Lambic in two versions — bottled and on draft.

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