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Meet the updated Lambic menu!

Date: 11 Октября 2021

More than half a year has passed since the previous big menu update. Many novelties were loved by our guests and remain in the new version of our menu without the «NEW» mark.
Meanwhile, we are not standing still, and the whole team, led by Lambic brand chef Evgeny Goncharov, started developing new dishes back in August, which are also ideally suited to beer from our Atlas. By the way, it is also being significantly updated and the first novelties on cranes can be tried now! You can find out more in THIS NEWS

Now let's go back to the kitchen menu, new items have appeared in almost all sections of the menu and there are more than 15 of them. Some dishes returned after a break, for example, wasabi shrimp, in the author's serving with almonds and a hearty rich borscht, which warms up perfectly in the cold. There are more salads and snacks on the menu, we especially recommend trying our interpretation of nicoise salad with grilled tuna and chicken pate with foie gras, which is served with lingonberry marmalade.

Brisket is beef of special and long-term preparation. The meat is salted, smoked, baked for several days, as a result it turns out very tender, with a slight aroma of smoke from alder chips. We use a perfectly cooked brisket in a salad, where it is next to honey pumpkin, spinach and mustard sauce. Also in the «Grill» section, try a brisket with a side dish of pickled cabbage and jalapeno «washers». The same pepper stuffed with feta cheese with beef pastrami can be ordered separately in the beer snacks section. Squid in crispy breading with yogurt sauce also returned to this section.

Belgian specialties have also been replenished with new players: we have slightly updated the recipe of branded potato waffles with duck and added a completely new combination, try waffles with chicken and mushrooms in creamy truffle sauce. Evgeny Goncharov was inspired by a hearty and already classic dish — «english breakfast», which in the traditional serving consists of fried eggs, sausages, bacon, vegetables and mushrooms on the grill, and is also certainly supplemented with canned beans in tomato sauce. In our menu, look for this dish, supplemented with poached eggs and potato waffle.

As part of the Russian Restaurant Festival, which ended on October 5, we worked for the first time with a new and not yet the most popular product — venison tenderloin. Carpaccio of this tender and extremely healthy meat was to the taste of our guests, so we decided to continue experiments in the updated menu, as a result of which a grilled venison tenderloin with baked vegetables and berry sauce appeared in the grill section.

The final novelty of autumn was a pan of seafood, which we stew with vegetables in cream sauce, look in the main dishes section!

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